Values of Spark Strategies

Spark is a values-based business. We thrive on helping clients make money while making a difference.

We are committed to our values—the five pillars we live by and seek in our clients, strategic partners, and employees:

  1. Results-based focus. We get as excited about our clients’ business as they are. We take note of what they need and stay focused on helping them achieve it.
  2. Evolving. We are committed to our own growth and development, regularly undergoing training/mentoring so we can bring renewed energy, inspiration and cutting-edge processes to our clients. We take the time to work things out in a way that is beneficial for everyone involved.
  3. Commitment to the community and the environment. We believe the future is no longer about sustainability, but about regeneration. Regenerating our earth, regenerating our own energy so we have a sense of optimism. We love being part of the solutions to our world’s challenges and we like to do that with a sense of goodwill.
  4. Accountability. We are accountable to each other and to all our clients, partners and employees. We do what we say we will do and we always strive to over-deliver.
  5. Financial success. While multifaceted in our approach an committed to a triple bottom line, we believe that financial success is a cornerstone for our clients and our own business.