Coaching Services

Many ancient traditions believe that cultivating the divine spark within is the primary objective in life.  The more we connect with that spark, in our own unique way, the more fulfilling our life and work become.

Imagine having someone who helps you uncover and clearly define exactly what you want and then helps you get it. Imagine having someone is can clearly see your gifts and help you use them in fulfilling ways.

Imagine having someone who is not only skilled in personal coaching but also has the practical expertise to be a focused advisor in specific areas of your business or non-profit organization.

Is it possible for your life and work to be dramatically more inspired and energized? Absolutely!

  • Gain clarity about what you really want and what brings you joy
  • Discover how to more fully enjoy what you do
  • Find out how to work less, be more productive and earn more
  • Learn how to identify and manage/delegate/eliminate what depletes you
  • Boost your well-being and energy by focusing on what works best for you

Whereas many business coaches believe in going only as far as the client wants to go, we will gently and respectfully encourage you to go further and to break any patterns that have prevented you from getting what you truly desire.

Our coaching process starts with determining what you want more of in your life and understanding how you will know when you have achieved it. Our work is a combination of creative and practical steps that get you moving in the right direction – and take you beyond your expectations.

Email or call to discuss the infinite possibilities for your business and your life.

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I hired Nancy as a coach during a key transition in my career. She helped me navigate from a great (and secure) job with a great company to my own entrepreneurial venture. She was able to help me turn what felt like a leap of faith into a series of actionable steps. I haven’t looked back and thank Nancy for helping me draw the roadmap to  launch what is now a successful business.  Denise Taschereau, CEO, Fairware

Nancy’s expertise is in providing a completely safe space to ignite one’s own realizations, one’s own unique passions and ultimately, guides us to embrace our own power in a deeply meaningful way. She is a true gem, with a BIG heart!   Kelly Nault Matzen, Author, Parenting Counsellor

Nancy is gifted with taking people deep into themselves quickly and effectively, either in a group environment, or individually. She uses strong visualization techniques that are grounding and help to clear away life’s clutter allowing you to examine yourself more clearly and honestly. Nancy then very gently, and without judgment, nudges you along to uncover the work you need to do. Time is well spent with Nancy – she masterfully sets you on a course that’s very satisfying and fulfilling.  S. Van Dyke