Coaching Credentials

University – PhD (Psychology – Social and Emotional Intelligence), MA, BComm

Coaching Programs - NLP practitioner training (graduated 2003), Coach U training session

Personal Growth Programs – PD Seminars (Haven) intensive personal growth programs; Phase 1A (half month program), Phase 2 (month program), Relationship Garden (3 times), Anger Boundaries and Safety, Buddhism Meditation, Sensational Contact; Context Programs, Landmark Programs, Break Through Programs

Professional Growth Programs - Facilitation (hollyhock), SVI/SVN sessions, industry training in numerous fields including finance, technology, communications, retail…

Spiritual Training - I’ve joyfully explored numerous places that support inner wisdom and love.   I trust that there are many paths to wisdom/love and people can find that through inner discovery, nature or through exploring spiritual paths.   Some of my explorations have included:  Shambala Buddhism training level 1, New Thought programs (Foundations, Mastery, Roots), Astrology, Wiccan, Mystical Arts programs, Tarot, Prayer courses, Course in Miracles…..