Exceptional Strategic and Management Consulting

Spark brings passion, expertise and customized processes to assist companies and non-profit organizations in getting the results they want.

While you focus on your clients, we focus on your success. We don’t just help you envision and create a plan; we help you stay on track with implementation processes and systems to ensure that you reach your goals.

  • Facilitation and strategic planning
  • Boosting sales growth for enterprising non-profit/for-profit organizations
  • Enhancing staff effectiveness
  • Creation and implementation of new programs
  • Project evaluation
  • Social and environmental innovation
  • Coaching services

Spark can benefit your organization in three key ways:

  1. We get results. With a proven track record of helping organizations and individuals get exceptional results, we can show you how to thrive.
  2. Our services are based on a values-driven approach that includes social and environmental considerations in all business decisions.
  3. Our customized systems, methods and templates free up valuable time and resources that will enhance your bottom line.