Exceptional Strategic and Management Consulting

Facilitation and strategic planning

  • Creating an inspiring vision and setting achievable goals
  • Financial modeling to handle the ‘what ifs’ of funding options
  • Practical planning and support to achieve those goals

Boosting sales growth for enterprising non-profit/for-profit organizations

  • Tools for creating a sales plan to reach/exceed your sales targets
  • Help with delivering better value to your clients and maximizing the profit potential
  • Assistance in efficiently qualifying your leads and ensuring client satisfaction

Enhancing staff effectiveness

  • Staff-management methods for focused, energized, accountable staff
  • Staff-management systems designed to promote excellence
  • Team-building that boosts performance and has lasting results

Creation and implementation of new programs

  • Business planning for a new program
  • Project-management implementation for timely, cost-effective success
  • Outcome-based planning systems

Project evaluation

  • Setting outcome-based objectives for projects, programs and campaigns
  • Establishing measurements to gauge success
  • Implementing systems for quality assurance and client/stakeholder feedback

Social and environmental innovation

  • Inspiring your team to take positive action for the world
  • Building the business case for your social and environmental initiatives
  • Developing an action plan to prioritize highest impact areas and build on successes

Coaching services

  • Assisting leaders/staff in fulfilling their potential and that of the organization
  • Providing support in overcoming challenges and minimizing stress
  • Exploring techniques to stimulate creativity and imagination in everyday situations
  • Helping you to realize your vision in your own unique way